#3752: New Music for European Instruments

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Ilkka Heinonen Trio

Listen to music featuring unusual instruments from Belgium and Poland, Italy and Finland, Lithuania and Estonia. Hear new music for the traditional Finnish jouhikko, combined with double bass, drums, and electronics in music by the Ilkka Heinonen Trio.  The jouhikko is a traditional 2 or 3-stringed bowed lyre found in Finland and Estonia, and is played by holding the instrument in a slightly off-vertical position between the knees, whilst bowing its three strings.  Then, hear music by the Torupilli Jussi Trio for Estonian bagpipes, the fiddle, and the talharpa, a four-stringed Estonian bowed instrument without a fingerboard, related to the jouhikko. There’s also newly composed folk music involving the hurdy-gurdy, accordion, and guitar by a trio of Belgian brothers, the Trio Dhoore, who draw on music of the southern Low Countries, Flemish rhythms and the traditions of central France.

Plus, listen to new music for harpsichord written in 1980 by the Polish composer Henryk Gorecki. It’s a concerto in just two fast post-minimalist movements, and is part of the latest recording by Iranian pianist, Mahan Esfahani, with Concerto Köln.  Also, hear an Italian quartet squeeze the blues out of a tune by Sun Ra, and more. 


PROGRAM #3752– Unusual European Stringed Instruments (First aired on 07/16/2015)             





Mahan Esfahani, harpsichord & Concerto Köln

Time Present and Time Past

Henryk Gorecki: Harpsichord Concerto, op. 40 – Vivace, excerpt

ARCHIV Produktion 479 4481 2

Ilkka Heinonen Trio


Minus 23[4:52]

ROCKADILLO RECORDS ZENCD 2160 C levykauppax.fi

Torupilli Jussi Trio


Moose hunting song [3:53]


Ilkka Heinonen Trio


Erlkönig [4:26]

See above.

Trio Dhoore


Al Smith/Phil May: Parachute [3:24]


Solo & Indre

Solo & Indre

Leliumoj – Bamba [4:19]


Roots Magic

Hoodoo Blues  & Roots Magic

Sun Ra: A Call for all Demons  [5:25]

Clean Feed CF337

Orchestra of the 8th Day

Music 4 the End

Shadow [6:54]

Flying Fish #292 LP 
Out of print.

Mahan Esfahani, harpsichord & Concerto Köln

Time Present and Time Past

Henryk Gorecki: Harpsichord Concerto, op. 40, Allegro molto & Vivace [8:29]

ARCHIV Produktion 479 4481 2

Various: Annbjorg Lien

Northern Nights - Music From the top of the World

Cantabile, excerpt [1:31]

Six Degrees Records 657036
Out of print, but try Amazon.com