New Music for Arab Lute


Music for Arab lutes dominates this New Sounds program. Listen to Kabul-stylings of the Afghan rubâb player Homayun Sakhi, who is heir to a musical lineage steeped in the North Indian classical tradition. Also, there’s “shiny” oud music by a trio of brothers, Le Trio Joubran, sons in a long line of a family of luthiers, in this case, oud-crafters. Their music willfully plays with dividing lines between music of the classical Arab world and Indian classical music, Spanish flamenco, and American jazz. Plus, there’s spacious and absorbing trio work from the Tunisian oud master Anouar Brahem, who is joined by Jean-Louis Matinier on accordion and François Couturier on piano.

PROGRAM # 2539, Music For Arab Lutes (First aired on Monday, April 24, 2006)





Anouar Brahem

Le Voyage De Sahar

La Chambre [5:00] Cordoba [5:00]

ECM #1915 

Le Trio Joubran


Safar [14:00]

Fairplay #500

Homayun Sakhi

The Art of The Afghan Rubab

Raga Yaman, excerpt [24:00]

Smithsonian Folkways, #40522