Hurricane Dodged, but Christie Can’t Avoid Rough Political Weather at Home

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Image from ad by super PAC supporting Chris Christie's presidential campaign, America Leads.
From New Jersey Public Radio

It’s enough to make a guy want to spend some quality campaign time in New Hampshire.

Governor Christie spent much of last week preparing for a natural disaster. But as Joaquin headed out to sea, the governor was stuck at a storm press conference in south Jersey – trying to avoid questions about a resigning cabinet member. Departing Transportation Commissioner Jamie Fox had been the subject of multiple news reports linking him to both the Bridgegate and the Chairman’s Flight scandals.

So a week that was meant to showcase leadership during a crisis ended with Fox’s resignation in what has become a tradition for the Christie Administration -- the Friday 5 p.m. news dump.

NJPR’s Matt Katz joins host David Furst for a recap. Describing the governor’s carefully orchestrated Joaquin press conferences, Matt says “This was a potential moment for him and he wasn’t going to let it pass by.”


Christie replaced the two top attorneys in the governor’s office with an expert on electronic data collection and an authority on political corruption. We look at what may be behind these moves. And - Matt presents his list of Governor Christie’s Top Seven Friday Afternoon News Dumps.

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