The Ice Cream Truck Song Gets a Makeover

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Side view of an ice cream van.
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There's no doubt about it—the familiar jingle played by many of the nation's ice cream trucks is a lot like a de facto summer soundtrack for many Americans. The ice cream truck tune is every kid's favorite song, signifying the promise of a cold sweet treat to cool you down.

But a blog post that has been getting a lot of buzz lately uncovered that this sickly sweet tune actually has a racist origin. The song, which played on some very ugly stereotypes about black people, was released in 1916 by Columbia Records. 

With the weather heating up and that sound on the horizon of neighborhoods across the country, The Takeaway decided to come up with our own ice cream truck song. We aimed to find an alternative that kids will love, won't drive parents or the truck drivers crazy, and isn't overtly racist. 

But it turns out our friend Michael Hearst already did the job for us. Michael is a vocalist and instrumentalist for the band One Ring Zero. Back in 2007, he released a whole album of songs for ice cream trucks.