2013's Best New NYC Restaurants are Pricey, But Worth It

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Carbone's rigatoni in spicy vodka sauce

This was the year when an Italian chef and a Korean chef made mashup dishes. When one of New Yorker's fussiest cooks opened a new restaurant. When people stood in line for hours to buy a cronut for four times the cost of as a donut. And when the cheap red-sauce ruled the world.

That's according to Bloomberg restaurant critic Ryan Sutton, who has a list of the best new spots of the year. In this interview, he explained that what ties his choices together is that they are all restaurants that are asking a little bit more for their food price-wise.

"We haven't been paying enough for ethnic food," he said. "People need to realize that a bowl of pho shouldn't cost $5 dollars, it should sometimes cost $23 dollars, because it's made with the same love, care and ingredients as their fancy French food."

Sutton names Carbone, an Italian restaurant in the Greenwich Village, as the best new addition. He said Carbone is turning a basic, cheap food into something pricey, but justifiably so. "Because they are applying brilliant techniques and brilliant flavors in it," he said.