Nevada Neighbors Favor Different Presidential Candidates

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Republican Stephanie Hill (left) and Democrat Rie Frisa of Nevada are neighbors with opposing political views who support each other's voting decision.

All eyes are on Nevada in the final days leading up to the election. Polls in this swing state show that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are neck and neck. With such a nasty campaign, NPR wondered how much tension filters down to Nevada voters. We visited a quiet neighborhood 20 minutes west of the Las Vegas strip and met two neighbors who live across the street from each other — one Republican and one Democrat.

Bringing Stephanie Hill, the Republican, and Rie Frisa, the Democrat, together revealed that you can disagree about the issues of this election without all of the anger. These two neighbors may have opposing political views, but they support each other's decision.

Click on the audio above to hear their full conversation.

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