Natalia Lafourcade Finds Power at the Root of Things

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Natalia Lafourcade's latest record is called 'Hasta la Raíz.'

Natalia Lafourcade had writer's block. Her 2009 album Hu Hu Hu had been a critical and commercial triumph, nominated for Grammy awards and hailed as one of the best records of the decade by tastemakers in the Latin music world. How to move forward? She returned to her roots to find inspiration, mining her home country of Mexico for fresh ideas and deep connections, and responding to Latin American songwriters like Simón Díaz and Caetano Veloso. In fact, she called the 2015 record Hasta la Raíz -- "Down to the Roots." The result? Grammy Awards and heaps more critical praise. Not to mention, beautiful music. Click the player above to hear Natalia Lafourcade play a special acoustic session live in the Soundcheck studio.