Nada Surf Swells Its Sound

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Nada Surf's latest album is 'You Know Who You Are.'

Plenty of bands stick around well (well) past their expiration date, touting each new release as a "reinvention" or a "reintroduction." But occasionally, a group really does kick into high gear after decades in the business. Witness: Nada Surf. They burst onto the scene in the mid-90s with a somewhat gimmicky (if mind-numbingly catchy) tune called "Popular." And then? Well, let no one argue that Nada Surf "disappeared," but they certainly didn't replicate that initial success right away. Thank goodness they stuck around; they've aged gracefully, and buoyantly. Their latest album is packed with some of the strongest, most melodic tunes of their career. It's called You Know Who You Are---and it certainly sounds like the band knows who it is. Plus, there's another, sweeping new record due out at the end of October, which sees the band playing in front of the Babelsberg (Germany) Film Orchestra.