Her Husband's Stupid Record Collection, And Her Divisive Blog

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Sarah O’Holla is listening to each album in her husband’s vinyl record collection and chronicling her journey on the blog My Husband’s Stupid.

Sarah O'Holla was tired of hauling the crates containing her husband's vinyl albums around each time they moved. So she recently decided she ought to know just what it was she was schlepping from basement to basement. The result is the blog My Husband's Stupid Record Collection. The premise: listen to each of her husband's 1,500 records, one a day, in alphabetical order, and write her impressions. 

"It was meant to be fun, just between us," says the titular husband, Alex Goldman. [Full disclosure: Alex is a producer for WNYC's On The Media.] Which is why it was so surprising when the blog went completely viral, and certain corners of the internet began probing Sarah's blog for more than her take on Adam Ant.

There are those who see the blog as a continuation of generations-old gender stereotypes. High profile music writers like Maura Johnston, NPR's Ann Powers, and contributors at sites like JezebelSlate and Flavorwire had more nuanced reactions. But there's no question the blog hit a nerve.

"I don't know 'how' to write about music," Sarah says. "But I love to write, and it's not your typical way to write about music, and I'm just being myself."

"It's actually exciting," Sarah continues, "because the blog went from being a silly little project to kill time and have fun with to a bigger conversation that I'm happy to be a part of."

Sarah and Alex talk about the project with host John Schaefer, and take a listen to a few high- and low-lights from the collection so far.