Musical Machines


Listen to the insistent rhythms and repetitions of acoustic instruments on this New Sounds, with. Hear solo music from Kris Davis- her “Saturn Return.” Its organized lines of prepared piano evoke John Cage at first, and build into a refined assembly line. Then, listen to music by the American composer based in Berlin, Arnold Dreyblatt, and his intentionally mechanistic, “Resonant Relations,” which has clouds of overtones.  Also, there’s music with a hint of jazz from both Switzerland’s Nik Bartsch, and a New York outfit, Bizingas, led by trombonist/pianist Bryan Drye. Plus, music for player pianos by Colin Nancarrow, arranged for the six musicians of the Bang on a Can All-Stars by Evan Ziporyn. 

PROGRAM #3363, Musical Machines (7/26/2012)                                                        





Kris Davis

Aeriol Piano

Saturn Return [10:11]

Clean Feed Records - #CF 233CD
Available at iTunes,, eMusic. com

Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble

Mr. Machine

Mi Corazon [7:30]

K7 286

Bizingas (Brian Drye et al)


TMT [5:25]

NCM East Records

Nik Bartsch's Ronin


Modul 42  [6:22]

ECM 2049

Crash Ensemble

Arnold Dreyblatt: Resonant Relations

Arnold Dreyblatt - Resonant Relations, excerpt [10:18]

Cantaloupe CA21046

Bang on a Can All-Stars

Big Beautiful Dark and Scary


Narcarrow, arr. Ziporyn: Studies for Player Pianos, #3A [4:40]
Studies for Player Pianos, Study 3c, excerpt [2:00]

Cantaloupe CA 21074