Musical Delay Tactics


Hear music made with tape loops, digital loops, and/or digital delay on this New Sounds show, with works from Ingram Marshall & Moby, along with a dreamy guitarscape from Evan Caminiti.  Caminiti, who is also one half of twang flecked drone duo Barn Owl, reins in the twang and ominously increases drone on his most recent effort, “Dreamless Sleep.”

In the same mostly instrumental vein, there’s also music by Jónsi & Alex from their book / recording “Riceboy Sleeps.”  Jónsi's distinctive vocals are more regularly heard fronting the Icelandic band Sigur Rós, whose frequent collaborators, the string players of Amiina, also figure on the “Riceboy Sleeps” project, although the strings are digitally remixed and manipulated.  That, and more.

PROGRAM #3389, Musical Delay Tactics (First aired 10/18/2012)





Fripp & Eno

The Essential Fripp & Eno

Wind on Water, excerpt [2:10]

Caroline #1886
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Jónsi & Alex

Riceboy Sleeps

Boy 1904 [5:03]

XL 447


Wait for Me

A Seated Night [3:23]


Jefre Cantu-Ledesma

Visiting This World

Visiting This World [4:32]

Evan Caminiti

Dreamless Sleep

Fading Dawn [4:19]

Thrill Jockey Thrill 311

Ingram Marshall, feat. Libby Van Cleve

Dark Waters

Dark Waters [17:11]

New Albion #112

Fripp & Eno

The Essential Fripp & Eno

Wind on Water, excerpt [1:00]

See above.

Anduin (Jonathan Lee)

Stolen Years

I Come From Mockingbird States [4:42]

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Jónsi & Alex

Riceboy Sleeps

Daniell In The Sea [7:10]

See above.