#3300: Music From the Roof of the World

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There's music recorded in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan on this New Sounds program.   Composer/vocalist Meredith Monk has just returned from a trip to India and Bhutan where she obtained recordings of young musicians striving - via the talent show, "Bhutan Star,"-  to keep the traditional sounds of Bhutanese music alive.  The program is an "American Idol"-esque talent show which forces contestants to sing the nation's fading traditional songs.

Listen to young vocalists sing the folk music, or Boedra, and the classical, high-pitched religious songs composed by Buddhist lamas and reminiscent of Chinese opera called Zhungdra, on this New Sounds. Plus, hear music from the Tibetan vocalist Yungcheng Lhamo and her luminous devotional songs.  There's also music from northern India, along with something from Tuva and Mongolia.

PROGRAM # 3300 Music from Central Asia, (First aired on 2/10/2012)                                                    





Various: Pema Lhamo


Traditional Songs from the Land of the Thunder Dragon

Traditional Bhutanese song, excerpt, [2:30]

GJ Entertainment, Thimpu, Bhutan (Courtesy of Meredith Monk)

More info on Pema Llhamo here: www.kuenselonline.com

Yungchen Lhamo


Ranzen [4:29]

Real World #52576

Jigme Drukpa  

Guetue (Homage)

Phuchi Phunyi (trad Bhutan) [4:14]

Jigme’s most recent CD, "Guetue" seems not to be available in the U.S.  His collection from 1998, “Endless Songs From Bhutan” is available for download through Amazon.com, iTunes, and eMusic.com

Yungchen Lhamo


Om Mani Padme Hung [4:36]

See above.

Various Artists: Pema Samdup / Pema Lhamo

Traditional Songs from the Land of the Thunder Dragon

Traditional  Bhutanese song [7:47]

GJ Entertainment, Thimpu, Bhutan (Courtesy of Meredith Monk)

Vladimir Martynov, Tatiana Grindenko, with Huun Huur Tu

Children of the Otter DVD

Vladimir Martynov: Children of the Otter, excerpt [14:10]

DVD release only
Greenwave Music
Info at hhtmusic.com
See a clip at www.nme.com

Kayhan Kalhor & Ali Bahrami Fard

I Will Not Stand Alone

Where Are You [11:00]

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