Music From the Near East and North Africa


For this New Sounds, listen to works from the Near East and North Africa, in both arrangement and intent.  Begin with music inspired by Marco Polo’s travels by oud player and Doctor of Byzantine musicology, Kyriakos Kalaitzidis.  Then, there’s music from Kronos Quartet and an arrangement of music by Syrian singer Omar Souleyman from their latest record “A Thousand Thoughts.”  Hear some music from Tunisia by percussionist Imed Alibi featuring singer Emel Mathlouthi on the tune “Maknassy."


There’s also brand-new loping Gnawa music with groove from Moroccan singer and bass lute player Hassan Hakmoun, his “Dima Dima” (Always). Sample even more music for oud by Paris-based Palestinian Adnan Joubran along with another work rooted in the oud by Belgian Karim Baggili, who has roots in Jordan.  Plus, hear music from the Montreal-based trio Bomata, clearly influenced by music of the Middle-East and the Mediterranean, and more.

PROGRAM #3582 Music From the Near East and North Africa (First aired on 3/26/2014)  





Imed Alibi


Balkani Connection, excerpt [1:00]

IRL 079

Kyriakos Kalaitzidis/Ensemble Constantinople & En Chordais

The Musical Voyages of Marco Polo

Gallop [4:25]

World Village 479092

Kronos Quartet

A Thousand Thoughts

La Sidounak Sayyada(Omar Souleyman), arr. Jacob Garchik [4:28]

Nonesuch 536952

Imed Alibi, feat. Emel Mathlouthi


Maknassy [5:04]

IRL 079

Hassan Hakmoun


Dima Dima (Always) [5:55]

Healing Records
Due out April 8, 2014

Karim Baggili (feat. Le Trio Joubran)

Kali City

Kali City [4:46]

Adnan  Joubran

Borders Behind

My Way Home [5:59]

World Village 479084
Due out April 8, 2014


Arômes d'ailleurs

Sesame [4:48]
Also available at or 

Imed Alibi


Balkani Connection [5:43]

See above.

Kronos Quartet

A Thousand Thoughts

Eviç Taksim (Tanburi Cemil Bey)

See above.