#3485: Music with Multiple Hyphens

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Ordinarily, the music one hears on New Sounds has a lot of hyphens in it as one tries to describe it, but for this show, the hyphens have multiplied at least eight-fold.  Listen to blends of world music, minimalism, chamber music, jazz, rock and post-rock, big band, Ethio-jazz, folk music from the world over, Celtic, Latin jazz - all coming together in various combinations for the featured pieces.  Hear brand new music from the Dutch world-jazz post-rock fusion band the Ex, with guests Brass Unbound.  Also, hear from Sweden's Ale Møller and the Bohuslän Big Band, who bring together Celtic, folk, jazz, and medieval music.

There’s music from Sweden’s Goran Kajfes, a Turkish trumpeter/composer who leads the new music-chamber-world-jazz-band called the Subtropic Arkestra.  He stews Brazilian groove music and German psychedelic electronica together with a nod to Sun Ra’s legendary cosmic jazz ensemble, and a dash of progressive jazz/rock as he takes on a Nigerian highlife tune from the 1970’s.  Then listen to Latin-Ethio-jazz music served up by the Family Atlantica, featuring Mulatu Astatke.  Plus, minimalist-Mediterranean chamber-jazz from Fabrizio Bai, chamber-folk-jazz featuring accordion and tuba from the Belgian trio Massot-Florizoone-Horbaczewski, and so much more. [Note:Thanks to listener Johan Lindquist for the correction. Ale Møller is not Norwegian, but Swedish]

PROGRAM # 3485, Music with Multiple Hyphens  (First aired on 7/3/2013)                                           





Quintet Naima

Feather of the Elephant

Aerobox, excerpt [1:30]

quintetnaima.com OR dacha.fr

Goran Kajfes Subtropic Arkestra

The Reason Why, Vol. 16.

Okwukwe Na Nchekwube [8:50]

Headspin Recordings

Family Atlantica (w/Mulatu Astatke)

Family Atlantica

Escape To The Palenque [3:00]

Soundway Records sndw042

The Ex (with Brass Unbound)

Enormous Door

Belomi Benna [4:36]

Ex Records / In the Fishtank - #EX 138D www.theex.nl or Download from iTunes

Ale Møller & Bohuslän Big Band


Lanterna [6:17]

Prophone - #PCD 121
www.mdt.co.ukl or Download from Emusic.com

Fabrizio Bai


Banchetti d’oriente [7:29]

Dodicilune ED311
Info at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PU9Mq5RFdjg
Or download from Emusic.com, Amazon.com

Glenn Jones

My Garden State

The Vernal Pool, excerpt [1:00]

Thrill Jockey 326

Quintet Naima

Feather of the Elephant

Aerobox [2:28]

quintetnaima.bandcamp.com or quintetnaima.com OR dacha.fr

Quartetto Minimo


Pomelö [7:33]



Balades Ephémères

Una Volta [3:50]


The Philip Glass Ensemble

A Retrospective (1 of 2)

The Upper Room: Dance 9, excerpt [1:00]

Orange Mountain Music 0067