#3749: Music With Found Voices

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This episode, each track has something in common: the music is put to the sounds of voices taken out of one context and put into another. Start off with a beautiful cut from the Bang On A Can All-Stars’ Field Recordings, Anna Clyne’s “A Wonderful Day,” featuring the voice of a man heard walking through the streets of Chicago. Next hear Brian Irvine’s exciting piece “Just A Little Lighter Cut of the Same Girls,” with samples from a cattle auction accompanied by a string quartet. Speaking of cattle, the next cut features sounds of cows! Composed by former mayor Philip Bimstein, “Garland Hirschi’s Cows” features his neighbor Garland Hirschi talking about his cows, in a piece that somehow manages to be both silly and sentimentally sad (while still featuring cows moo-ing). Then hear “Reeling” by Julia Wolfe, one of the Bang On A Can founders. This piece samples Celtic-inspired Quebecan “mouth musicians.” Next, a Washington DC Go-Go inspired track, a tribute to Chuck Brown by Dick Connette. Hear the voice of legendary Chuck Brown and others, with saxophone and drums.  And finally, back to the sounds of an auction in “Money Talk” by trumpeter and composer Ben Neill.



PROGRAM #3749– Music With Found Voices (First aired on 07/10/2015)             





Chatham Saxaphone Quartet

New Irish Music

Brian Irvine: Just A Little Lighter Cut of the Same Girls excerpt [1:20]


Anna Clyne

Bang on A Can Field Recordings

A Wonderful Day [5:00]


Chatham Saxaphone Quartet

New Irish Music

Brian Irvine: Just A Little Lighter Cut of the Same Girls [3:06]

See above.

Philip K. Bimstein

Garland Hirschi’s Cows

Garland Hirschi’s Cows[11:45]


Julia Wolfe

Bang On A Can Field Recordings

Reeling [5:46]


Dick Connette 

Go Go Going Gone

Go Go Going Gone [12:06]

This piece is not commercially available, but find other music at http://www.dickconnette.com/.

Ben Neill


Money Talk [6:41]