#3607: Music for Dulcimer and Zither

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Hear new music for dulcimers and zithers on this New Sounds program.  Listen to music featuring hammer dulcimer and other folk instruments by Julia Wolfe in her work “Steel Hammer,” based on the 19th C. folk legend John Henry. Wolfe takes all of the different versions of the story and assembles them in a setting for the Bang on a Can All-Stars and the Trio Mediaeval.  There’s also Americana-like strings meeting minimalism in music for hammer dulcimer and harpsichord along with violin and cello in a work called “Percussion and Strings” from the Dan Joseph Ensemble.  Plus, music for George Crumb involving the strings on the inside of the piano.  

Listen to a classic recording of amplified zither music from Laraaji, produced by Brian Eno, called “Day of Radiance,” from Eno’s groundbreaking “Ambient Music” series.  Then, hear music from the now-defunct Polish duo, Orchestra of the 8th Day, who blend acoustic guitar, and the Fischer fidola, a kind of “vintage” zither that dates back to the 1900’s, which can be bowed, strummed, struck and plucked.  Also, music for dulcimer and PVC pipes, and more.

PROGRAM #3607  music for dulcimer and zither (First aired on 6/5/2014)  





Dan Joseph


Percussion and Strings, excerpt [1:30]

Mutable Music #17525

Bang on a Can All-Stars / Trio Mediaeval

Steel Hammer

Julia Wolfe:  Steel Hammer: Characteristics

Cantaloupe 21099

Dan Joseph


Percussion and Strings, excerpt [9:58]

Mutable Music #17525

Lambert Orkis, piano

Songs, Drones and Refrains of Death

George Crumb: Little Suite for Xmas AD1979-

Canticle of the Holy Night [3:02]

Bridge 9003

Orchestra of the 8th Day

Music 4 the End

Shadow [6:54]

Flying Fish #292 LP
Out of print.


Day of Radiance

Dance #2 [8:55]

EG #EGS-203.

Michael Masley  

Bells and Shadows

Goodbye Dali [9:10]

1989 release.  Out of print.  Masley has other recordings.  Try www.cdbaby.com


Robert Hollis + Christopher Swarz -

Music for Homebuilt Instruments  

Duet for dulcimer and PVC Rack [2:57]

Perimeter #002. 
Out of print. Try auction sites.