Soundcheck At The Movies: Three New Music Docs: 'We Like It Like That'; 'Mateo'; 'Brasslands'

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The documentary film Brasslands is out digitally now.

In this episode: Soundcheck goes to the movies, with three music documentary films.

First: The new documentary We Like It Like That looks at the roots of New York boogaloo music in the 1960s, it's peak popularity in the '70s, and its eventual decline.  Director Matthew Warren and boogaloo bandleader, Joe Batann, who appears in the film, talk about the movie, the music, and tell us who's listening to boogaloo today.

Then: The film Mateo is about Matthew Stoneman, a white guy from New Hampshire who becomes a singer of Latin songs in L.A. Sounds like a light-hearted piece of fluff, but Stoneman's story turns out to be darker and more complex. The film's director, Aaron Naar, and its star tell the story.

And: The movie Brasslands follows a New York-based Balkan brass band to the world's biggest brass band competition, in an otherwise tiny town in Serbia. Along the way, the filmmakers come up against the region's difficult history, and its uneasy relationship with its own Roma, or gypsy, musicians.