#3561: Music for Cathedrals, Part 1

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Cathedral In Spring

Listen to the acoustic and electronic works that make use of cathedral acoustics, or are inspired by the soaring architecture of some of the great old cathedrals on this New Sounds program.  Hear music by Missy Mazzoli, and Victoire from “Cathedral City” – a collection of electroacoustic chamber music works.  There’s music from Jurgen Knieper's original score for the Wim Wenders film, “Wings of Desire,” – the solemn, meditative "Cathedral of Books."  Listen also to music from Briane Keane & Omar Faruk Tekbilek inspired by Hagia Sophia, a former Greek Orthodox patriarchal basilica, which turned into an imperial mosque, and is now a museum in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Then hear music from the late William Duckworth and the Cathedral Band, inspired by the building of the great pyramid, the founding of the native American ghost dance religion, and the cathedral at Chartres.  That cathedral also inspired Swiss violinist and composer Paul Giger to record improvisations based on different parts of the cathedral, including the crypt, the labyrinth, and the meeting point between two aisles – the crossing.  Plus, hear a work for solo piano inspired by the cathedral at Frieburg in southwest Germany, along with an arrangement of Debussy’s “Sunken Cathedral” by Jacques Loussier, and more. (Note: This is first of two parts.)

PROGRAM #3561– Inspired by Cathedrals, Part 1 (First aired on 1/31/2014)  





Jurgen Knieper

Wings of Desire

Cathedral of Books [2:42]

Elektra/Nonesuch #79210


Cathedral City

Mazzoli: Cathedral City [4:56]

New Amsterdam 25

Briane Keane & Faruk Tekbilek

Süleyman the Magnificent

Aya sofya [3:19]

Celestial Harmonies #13023

Jack Rose

Kensington Blues

Cathedral Et Chartres [5:11]

vhf#92 www.vhfrecords.com
OR download from Emusic.com

Paul Giger


Crossing, excerpt [10:52]

ECM #1386

William Duckworth & The Cathedral Band


Dancing with the Ancestors, excerpt [5:15]

Monroe Street Music

James Clapperton  

Michael's Piano Book

The Cathedral at Freiburg [1:34]

Metier Sound & Vision  msvcd 92033

Jacques Loussier Trio


Claude Debussy/Jacques Loussier Preludes: Book I: "La cathedrale engloutie" (The sunken cathedral) [6:23]

Telarc 83511

Christopher Tignor, feat. Colin Jacobsen

Core Memory Unwound

Cathedral (pr. 2) [5:30]

Western Vinyl WEST 061 westernvinyl.com