[Mrs. Margaret Bishop]

Tuesday, July 03, 1945

This episode is from the WNYC archives. It may contain language which is no longer politically or socially appropriate.

First show in the series.

Mothers, unlike fathers, begin a New Year in July, rather than in January; July and August are the vacation months for children, but extra work for the mothers at home. "It's up to you and the children whether this summer will be the one you will all remember as the happiest, fullest, and most interesting you ever had!"

Mrs. Bishop, an authority on children, is asked what to do with children in New York: suggests alternating days for each family member to choose an idea, planning ahead, and buying "Young New Yorkers." Warns against relying on sun: always plan a rainy day event. Should every activity be an all-day picnic? Certainly not: children get over-tired and then don't enjoy themselves at all. It would depend on where you're going, and how far it is from where you live.

Suggestions: Staten Island Ferry, snake park, 5th Avenue buses, Fort Triumph Park, Cloisters, La Guardia Field, Museum of Fire Engines, Chase Bank collection of money, Museum of Costume Art, markets, gardens, and zoos. Maybe they would think it's fun to do something as a family-unit connected with the war: collections of relics and weapons around town, Statue of Liberty.

Concludes with Cowan information on the series and similar programming for mothers later in the day.

Audio courtesy of the NYC Municipal Archives WNYC Collection

WNYC archives id: 69662
Municipal archives id: LT856

Hosted by:

Rebecca Hourwich Reyher


Margaret Bishop


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About How to Have Fun with Your Children

New York City is a modern Fairyland; offering you and your children something for every taste and fancy if you but know where to find it!

Mrs. Becky Reyher interviews distinguished guests on How to Have Fun With Your Children (1945-1948) in the city. The consensus? Fun is where you find it!

"Monday through Saturday at 10 o’clock serves the housewife and the homemaker, and on Tuesdays in the month of July, a new feature with Becky Reyher, freelance writer and author of the book 'Babies and Puppies are Fun,' and a guest star." So says WNYC announcer Tommy Cowan on the introduction to the July 3, 1945, program.


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