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Really Scary Falling Icicles Shut Down PATH Station (link)


No, New Jersey Governor Christie did not fly over Fort Lee during the George Washington Bridge lane closures. (WNYC)

But: a former Christie administration official lobbied NJ Transit to build a train station that would benefit a $1 billion office and residential complex being proposed for the Hoboken waterfront. Yes, THAT complex. (The Record)

Atlanta's transit system cancelled all bus service today due to a massive storm. (Atlanta Business Journal)

Meanwhile, have fun getting on and off NJ Transit buses, because in some towns it's unclear whose job it is to keep the bus stops clear. (The Record)

How the auto industry made jaywalking illegal: "Car lobby groups also started taking over school safety education, stressing that 'streets are for cars and children need to stay out of them'". (BBC)

One person was killed when a NYC bus and a truck collided in Manhattan this morning. (NY1)

Boston has begun installing security cameras and video screens on 225 buses throughout the transit system — "one step in a long-term process to bring video surveillance to the entire bus and subway fleet." (Globe)

Tesla's pricing strategy for China: markup vehicles 50% over U.S. prices. Before you howl in protest: "That's a far cry from typical pricing behavior by foreign automakers in China, which are known for marking up the price of their high-end vehicles by up to 200 percent." (Marketplace)

Each minute spent commuting affects anxiety, happiness and well-being. (GuardianWhat's your daily commute like? Share pictures and stories with Guardian Witness.