Mountain Music


Spend some time in the mountains on this New Sounds, with the Chinese group Shanren, from Yunnan.  Their name translates as “Mountain Men” and inspired the theme of the show.  Also, listen to music from the Swiss Alps, represented by the Albins Alpin Quintett, whose record is inspired by the Pilatus-massif in central Switzerland; the tunes are named after various places on the mountain.  Then, hear the Chinese pipa player Wu Man blending the sounds of the Appalachian musicians and making it work on tunes like “Old Joe Clark,” or "I’m Going Back To North Carolina," featuring banjo player Lee Knight. Plus, music from the Himalayans, the Sierra Mountains, and the Andes. 

PROGRAM #3558– Mountain Music  (First aired on 1/27/2014)  





Gyuto Monks Tantric Choir

The Perfect Jewel: Sacred Chants of Tibet

Initiation Ceremony of Guhyasamaja Tantra, excerpt [4:48]

Rykodisc #10626, Reissued on Smithsonian Folkways as part of the Mickey Hart Collection. HRT15022

Bachir Attar

The Next Dream

Ceremonies Against the Night of the Devil [4:23]

CMP #CD-57.

Albins Alpin Quintett


Heitertannli [5:01]

Altrisuoni #152
Available at OR

Arkady Shilkloper


Alpine Sketch [4:10]

Boheme #906063. Out of print.   Reissued on Jaro Records, available for download via iTunes or


Left Foot Dance of the Yi

Left Foot Dance of the Yi [3:53]

TUG CD 1075

Wu Man & Lee Knight

Wu Man & Friends

I’m Going Back To North Carolina [2:16]

Traditional Crossroads 4329


Wu Force

Bandcamp single

Floating [5:33]


Flight of the Condor

Dance of the Flames [4:16]

BBC #22440 Vinyl LP
Out of print.

Inti Illimani

Flight of the Condor

Sicuriadas [3:15]
Dance of the Quechuas [1:56

BBC #22440 Vinyl LP
Out of print, but there's info at

Aki Takahashi, piano

Walk in Beauty

Peter Garland: Jornada Del Muerto - The View from Vulture Peak [5:37]

New Albion #052
Available via iTunes of

Eberhard Schoener

Sky Music

Mountain Music, excerpt [2:17]

Kuckuck LP.  Reissued as double CD, Kuckuck - #11059 / 12059