CDC Director Speaks Out on Fight Against Zika

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Zika is the latest mosquito-borne illness to spread. It is not lethal, but researchers are investigating possible links to birth defects.
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New cases of the Zika virus keep popping up in Florida, and Puerto Rico has about 8,700 confirmed cases. And now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is running out of money to combat the virus.

Congress initially gave the CDC $220 million to fight the virus, but as of last week, the CDC had spent $194 million of that money on things like research and mosquito eradication. But the disease continues to spread.

The Senate was scheduled to vote on a $1.1 billion funding package to fight the Zika virus last night, but Democrats moved against the bill, which blocked Planned Parenthood from receiving funding for contraceptives aimed at battling the disease. Zika is sexually transmitted, in addition to being spread by mosquitoes. 

Dr. Thomas Frieden, the director of the CDC, joins The Takeaway to discuss the global fight against the Zika virus, and Takeaway Washington Correspondent Todd Zwillich brings us the latest on the Zika funding fight in Congress. Click on the 'Listen' button above to hear the full conversation.