More Employees Agree To Fragmented Hours To Get Work

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

The economy adds a decent number of jobs every month but there are big questions about the quality of some of those jobs. Many people getting hired these days do not have anything resembling a regular schedule and work fragmented and unpredictable hours.

Source: NPR


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Anne Elliott from Chicago, Illinois

Dear Mr. Marritz,
I really enjoyed your piece on the Urban Outfutters/call in positions. I used to work for Urban Outfitters as a manager and am very familiar with these practices. I have just recently worked for a large art material retailer here in Chicago -as GM. As GM, I made the schedule and managed payroll (which they are constantly telling you to cut part time hours). We used part timers- but gave them as many hours as they wanted- this is a very old retail practice. For example, you aren't supposed to go over 32 hours for a part timer (no benefits, no vacations, etc.) but if they want, they can work up to 40 to make the money. Once we switched over to dayforce, a new payroll management system, this became impossible. I had to take several employees down to 4 days a week. The corp answer was "due to Obamacare we can't have people working more hours". As I do understand this law, isn't the point of the law to give employees working full time hours benefits? Therefore, many of my employees had to get a second job because of this new policy. I have talked to many other retail managers in other companies and this seems to be the new way of it. Obviously, I understand the difference between part time and full time- but these people can't make it on what they pay part time, 32 hours, and now have to scramble to find yet another part time position- resulting in them working 50 and 60 hours. Not at all the spirit of the law, the idea of part time or full time for that matter. Thank you, Anne Elliott

Dec. 03 2013 09:20 AM

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