This Month We're Reading Mary Gordon's 'Pearl'

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Pearl by Mary Gordon

In his New York Times review of Pearl, John Leonard wrote: “Mary Gordon thinks out loud about mothers, daughters, atonement and forgiveness; about music, art, sainthood and terrorism; about martyrdom and Irish politics, genocide in Europe and Cambodia, suicide and human sacrifice; about scorn, butter, hunger, greed, cloisters and surveillance; Virgil and Aquinas, Eliot and Yeats, Hecuba and Isis, Anne Frank and Joan of Arc.” The story begins on Christmas night, when Maria Meyer finds out that her 20-year-old daughter, Pearl, has chained herself to a flagpole in front of the U.S. Embassy in Dublin, intending to starve herself. Maria and her oldest friend fly to Dublin to try to unravel the mystery of Pearl’s actions and to save her life.

Join us! Read the book and leave your questions for the author!