Millennials Don't Stand A Chance

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Millennials have found themselves to be quite the popular subject in modern media. The world is changing quickly, and the millennial generation has seemed to keep up with the pace better than other age groups. The divide between younger and older is becoming apparent in all facets of life -- and this change has not always been met with open arms.

In this episode of Intelligence Squared, a spotlight is shown on millennials and their use of revolutionary technology while growing up in a time of recession. Some think they are coddled, narcissistic and lazy. Have we let conventional wisdom blind us to the millennial's openness to change, innovation, and optimism in the face of uncertainty, which, in any generation, are qualities to be admired?

Arguing in favor of the motion is Binta Niambi Brown, lawyer, startup advisor and human rights advocate, as well as W. Keith Campbell, professor of psychology at the University of Georgia, and co-author of The Narcissism Epidemic.

Arguing against the motion is David D. Burstein, author of Fast Future: How The Millennial Generation Is Shaping Our World, and founder of Generation18, as well as Jessica Grose, journalist and author of Sad Desk Salad.