Mike Myers And Paul Myers On Monty Python, The Beatles And Brotherhood

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After their triumphant showing at the Beatles vs. Rolling Stones Smackdown, Mike and Paul Myers returned to Soundcheck to play some of their favorite songs.

In this episode: Actor and comedian Mike Myers and his brother, author and musician Paul Myers, take over Soundcheck while host John Schaefer is on vacation. (Or, if you believe Mike and Paul, he's taking a leave of absence, working for the CIA, serving in the mafia, or trying to escape imprisonment in Mike's apartment.)

The two "brothers from the same mother," who recently participated in Soundcheck's live Beatles vs. Stones Smackdown, offer up a wide-ranging, rapid-fire conversation about growing up Canadian (with Liverpudlian parents), key songs from Austin Powers and Wayne's World, and Paul's awkward encounter with Linda McCartney on the set of Saturday Night Live. Plus, they discuss their most recent documentary and album projects – and do their best Quincy Jones impressions.

Throughout the show, Mike and Paul spin tracks inspired by these and other topics – ranging from The Hollies' "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" to David Bowie's "Andy Warhol" to the Beatles' "Hey Jude." Find their full song playlist below.

Brothers Mike and Paul Myers in the 20's.
Mike and Paul Myers in their 20's.