MICROPOLIS: The Pope Francis Effect

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Even in New York, where issues of faith usually reside on the margins of public life, the Pope has people talking. And although much of what he says is viewed through the reductive lens of politics — Is he liberal? Is he conservative? — for many Catholics his words have a deeply personal, emotional impact. 

In this episode of Micropolis, we examine the Pope Francis effect: the way some Catholics view themselves and their fellow Catholics differently, because of what their pope is saying. How he seems to have altered the perception of Catholics by others.

"We're so used to engaging in conversations that may not be the most comfortable — not too friendly," said Tim Lykins, a musician who runs a young adult group at St. Malachy's the Actor's Chapel. Now, he said, "People have a little bit more of a friendlier stance. And a little more open mind to listen to a Catholic now. You're not so much on the defense."

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