Michael Jackson, The Businessman; Hamilton Leithauser Plays RadioLoveFest

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Michael Jackson photographed by Lynn Goldsmith at Disney World, 1984

In this episode: Michael Jackson wasn't called the King of Pop for nothing. He raked in more than a billion dollars in his career and it seems death could not slow him down. He’s made more than $700 million in the five years since his death, more than any other artist over that time. So how did he do it? Forbes senior editor Zack O’Malley Greenburg sets out to answer that question in his new book Michael Jackson, Inc.

Plus: In the wake of The Walkmen's indefinite hiatus, many of the beloved Brooklyn band's members have moved on to pursue other projects -- including frontman and singer Hamilton Leithauser, who released his solo debut, Black Hours, in early June. Known for his rafters-shaking vocals and cathartic rock anthems, Leithauser and his brand new backing band played songs from Black Hours at Soundcheck’s event at the BAM Harvey Theater on June 7 as part of WNYC's RadioLoveFest.


(And, in case you're wondering, here is the Instagram photo that John mentions in today's opening monologue.)