Race and Power: The Complex Legacy of The First Black President

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Academic and author Michael Eric Dyson explains how President Obama’s time in office has shaped the national conversation on race and the black power structure.
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Will the most symbolic position in the United States—the office of the presidency—be forever changed now that President Barack Obama has held the office?

Academic and author Michael Eric Dyson says President Obama is the modern link that makes conversations about race and history possible. He argues that Obama represents the pinnacle of U.S. politics and the very foundation of America's dark history with race.

As Dyson points out, James Baldwin would refer to this weight as "the burden of representation." It's a burden Dyson explores in his new book "The Black Presidency: Barack Obama and the Politics of Race in America," out tomorrow. He joins The Takeaway to reflect on Obama's time in office and the legacy that the 44th president will leave behind.