Michael Anton and Robin Wright Talk to David Remnick about Trump's First Trip Abroad

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This week, two conversations with David Remnick.  On May 19th, Donald Trump is scheduled to make his very first trip abroad as President; his predecessors had made multiple international visits by this time in their Presidencies. Trump has promised a very different kind of foreign policy than Obama and Bush, boasting that he will put American interests first in order to strike much better “deals.” He has certainly behaved differently than his predecessors, praising autocrats and causing friction with allies. Michael Anton handles strategic communications for the National Security Council, and was interviewed by the New Yorker writer Kelefa Sanneh for the article “Intellectuals for Trump.” Anton tells David Remnick that Trump’s contradictions show a consistent practice of “strategic ambiguity.”  Then, Donald Trump’s first trip abroad will take him to Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam, hoping to form a Sunni alliance to counter Iran; to Israel, to advance a peace process that he has called “not as difficult as people have thought”; and to the Vatican, to reduce friction with Pope Francis, with whom he has sparred on Twitter. The New Yorker’s Robin Wright tells David Remnick that the agenda reflects a deep naïveté on international affairs.