Rep. Alan Grayson: Congress Doesn't Trust the NSA

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Members of the European Parliament finish their three-day long visit to Washington today-- a response to the revelations that the NSA has allegedly been spying on European citizens and leaders.

The Obama administration’s response to the international outrage has been to review state surveillance practices.

“In the course of the review, some decisions have been made about our intelligence-gathering activities even as we proceed with it," White House press secretary Jay Carney said at a briefing Tuesday. "And some of those decisions have been made and are being implemented.”

President Obama was not aware of many of the surveillance programs, like the one that monitored German Chancellor Angela Merkel, according to the The Washington Post.

Rep. Alan Grayson, a Democrat from Florida’s 9th district, argues that he and his colleagues are kept in the dark by the intelligence community, and that, as a result, America's democracy is at risk.