In Memoriam 2016: Prince, Bowie, Cohen & Others

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Aladdin Sane promotional material from RCA Records (detail)

It's been a tough year for music fans after a number of major artists passed away in 2016. To name just a few:  Prince. David Bowie. Leonard Cohen. Sharon Jones. Merle Haggard. Pierre Boulez. And then on Christmas Day, news that George Michael, half of the 1980's duo Wham! and later a solo artist, died.

In this special hour-long show, breaking with New Sounds format, we'll just be fans-in-mourning, and remember the musicians we've lost. Some, like David Bowie and Leonard Cohen, were able to choose the final piece of art to share with us, while others like Prince, may have written his exit music back in 1986, with a song called, "Sometimes It Snows in April." Hear music from each of those three, along with powerful music from Sharon Jones, "Queen of the Gypsies" Esma Redzepova, composer and innovator Pauline Oliveros, Maurice White of Earth Wind, & Fire, Pierre Boulez, Vanity, & others.

Until 2017, we fervently wish to keep our favorite still-living artists away from sharp objects, harmful substances & high-speed anything. 










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