Meet our Fall Interns and Volunteers!

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Here's what a typical planning meeting looks like at the Brian Lehrer Show, where we invite ideas and pitches from everyone on the team, including interns.

Our interns and volunteers are great for so many reasons. They pitch story ideas, learn how to produce segments and overall just make our show better.

So we want you to know more about them! Read about our current interns and volunteers below:

Name: Jen Gallo

Connect with me on: LinkedIn.

What I'm digging: I just started listening to 2 Dope Queens and I'm loving it! I'm also into Death, Sex and Money and Invisibilia. When I'm not commuting and listening to podcasts I'm usually painting, dancing or writing.

Name: Rob Gunther

Connect with me on: Twitter.

What I'm digging: I enjoy hanging out with my one-year-old son, reading and writing fiction, following the New York Islanders, and listening to The Political Junkie with Ken Rudin.

Name: Bijan Roghanchi

Connect with me on: my website.

What I'm digging: Right now I'm digging the work of John Coltrane and John Steinbeck. 

Name Ursula Sommer.

Connect with me on: my website or my university 

What I'm digging: I have been listening to Freakonomics, More Perfect, 2 Dope Queens, This American Life and Radiolab.

Name: Asher Stockler

Connect with me on: LinkedIn.

What I'm digging: Popcorn-worthy election coverage, Vsauce, and some gut-wrenching Nordic Noir.