Media Advisory: Excerpts from NPR News Interview with Megyn Kelly

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<em>Settle for More</em> by Megyn Kelly

Tuesday, November 15, 2016; Washington, D.C – In an interview airing today, All Things Considered host Kelly McEvers spoke with Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly about her new book, "Settle for More."

A portion of their conversation aired at 5:03pmET on All Things Considered. An extended version of their conversation will be made available at and can be heard on the NPR One app.

Some excerpts from the extended conversation are available below.

When asked about her "Year of Trump" following the first Republican debate, she said: "It was my year of guards and guns. You know thanks to Trump. I was under security threat for most of the nine months he was really coming after me. I had strange people showing up at my house. I had strange people casing my house. I had, you know my children looking out the windows afraid of who was coming up and not understanding who was popping up on our porch."

When asked about meeting Donald Trump at Trump Tower to talk off the record, she said: "To me it was an empowering moment. No one was able to stop his antics and I realized it would be up to me. And there was no way I was going to go and apologize to Trump. Which is what he wanted. He wanted me to apologize for my debate question. That was not going to happen. But I needed him to stop that behavior."

When asked about her claims of being sexually harassed by Roger Ailes, she said: "He started off just inappropriate sexual comments... It wasn't like "hey you look nice in that dress." It was 'I'm sure you have some very sexy bras.' And he wanted to see me in them. But then he would veer back and forth between that and really useful professional advice. And so there I am - I'm you know a young employee. I've only been in the television industry for 12 months. You know this my first full time job and TV and I'm thinking, 'what is he doing?'"

"So I would try to laugh it off or I would try to just make a comment about work to sort of get back on the straight and narrow and over those six months it got more egregious."

"I knew was it would be insane to cross him. And it ultimately culminated in an incident in January 2006 where he did try to get physical with me and I wound up running out of his office and calling a lawyer. I made a record of everything he did and I was prepared if he retaliated against me because I refused to let him have me. And I knew that there might be a price to pay. As it turns out there was not. In my own experience with him was he was a harasser but he wasn't a retaliator."

When discussing why she did report what happened to her earlier, she said: "He placed his former assistants in key roles in the human resources department. I mean you know, he had people who are considered, let's just call them Roger loyalists at every department in Fox. You couldn't even drop an anonymous note someplace because there were cameras all over the building and guards and you had to use your key card to get in every floor."

"If I had done that it would have been a kamikaze mission. And not even. Because I think the only one who would have been brought down was me."

"Now I have power. If I had done that back then, if I had been trying to run around not knowing that no other women had been harassed, and just randomly going into people's offices as the new girl at Fox News and trying to get them to come forward with stories I didn't know whether they had. Be realistic, Kelly. I mean that isn't realistic."
Audio and transcript will be available on later today. Rush transcript available upon request.


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