McCain Hammers Trump On Dispute With Khan Family

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Khizr Khan, father of deceased Muslim U.S. Soldier Humayun S. M. Khan, holds up a booklet of the US Constitution as he delivers remarks on the fourth day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center, July 28, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Some experts think the presidential campaign has reached a milestone. Last week, Khizr Khan spoke at the Democratic National Convention about the death of his son, an American Muslim and a soldier who died in Iraq. Khan criticized Donald Trump for his proposed ban on Muslim immigrants and questioned whether the Republican nominee had ever read the Constitution.

In an interview with ABC, Trump insinuated that because the Khan family is Muslim, Khan’s wife was not allowed to speak.

This morning, U.S. Sen. John McCain released a statement condemning Trump’s remarks. NPR’s Domenico Montanaro talks to Here & Now’s Jeremy Hobson.


Domenico Montanaro, NPR lead editor, politics and digital audience. He tweets @DomenicoNPR.

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