De Blasio on Teacher Deal: "There is Mutual Understanding”

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New York City Mayor De Blasio Marks His First 100 Days In Office

New York City and the teacher's union have agreed on a contract that includes back pay and changes to the way teachers are evaluated, interact with parents, and get their health care. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said that even though the contract must still be ratified, he believes "there is mutual understanding" between the union and the city. The new contract will "deepen the relationship between parents and teachers," said de Blasio about the provisions in the contract that require more parent-teacher conferences and time for teachers to write and call parents during the week.

Pressed for details on how the teacher health plan would change, de Blasio said he was being "broad on purpose" in not offering details, but "this allows each union to chose for a menu [of health care saving options] so long as we get to the dollar figure." The Mayor's office claims it can save over $1billion over the next four years through streamlining health plans and wielding purchasing power.