May Day in the Making

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Women march to celebrate the International Workers’ holiday, May 1, 1935 in New York City.
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Today, May Day, is also known as International Workers' Day. It commemorates the 1886 Haymarket Affair, when nearly a quarter of a million workers nationwide went on strike to demand an eight hour work day.  

Historically, May 1st became a day to march in favor of worker's rights. But back in 2006, immigration became part of the May Day platform after one million people marched in opposition to a proposed bill on immigration enforcement. Immigration has again become a rallying point this May Day, with nationwide marches planned to as a move of resistance to the Trump Administration's anti-immigrant policies.

Peter Linebaugh, a historian and author of "The Incomplete, True, Authentic & Wonderful History of May Day," discusses the history and future of of International Workers' Day.