Matisyahu Continues to Explore His Sound

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Matisyahu's latest, "Release the Bound" EP is out now, via Thirty Tigers

Watch the session via Facebook Live:

The once-bearded rap-tinted reggae superstar Matisyahu found success in both the Hasidic spiritual community and beyond, starting back in 2004, with Shake Off the Dust... Arise and his breakout record, Youth (2006). But, he surprised fans by shaving off his trademark beard in 2011, then moved from his Brooklyn, New York, Hasidic neighborhood to Los Angeles. He also began to bring a little more pop and electronic sounds into his newer music.

Matisyahu expands his reggae sound on his latest, “Release the Bound,” a 5 song digital EP, where he explores plenty of territory, from the loping guitar best described as “desert blues” on the tune “Wanderer” to a collaboration with the Colombian experimental pop duo Salt Cathedral on “Carry Me.” The five songs are built on same theme as his 2014 release- Akeda - that of the story told in Genesis where God puts Abraham to the ultimate test of commitment by asking him to sacrifice his son, Isaac.  

Prior to his December 2016 Festival of Light Tour, he brings his spiritual reggae to Soundcheck, Live in the Greene Space.

Watch "Carry Me":


And "Shade from the Sun":