Match.Com Uses Facial Recognition Software To Pair Users With People Who Look Like Their Exes

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When it comes to dating, people generally have a type. Blonds, brunettes, big noses, little ears, a person often finds an immutable set of physical characteristics attractive. It's just a fact. So enterprising online dating company is hoping to capitalize on this tendency. Partnering with an LA based company called Three Day Rule that matches people to dates using facial recognition software, users will be asked to send in pictures of their exes, which will be used to determine who they will be matched with on the site. 

The option isn't cheap. It costs $5,000 for a six month membership, but it also includes a dating coach who actually meets with users and talks to them about partner preferences. So on top of being a sort of creepy weirdo to use this service, you also have to be rich.

I announced this innovation out loud to my co-workers, and got a hushed "oh my god" in response. OTM's Kimmie Regler actually stared at me with her mouth hanging open for about 30 seconds. But OTM's Laura Mayer had the most pointed take on it. "That's a good idea," she said. "You know why that's a good idea? Because that's how people work."