Martin Creed Understands

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Martin Creed's 'Understanding' is also a pop song.

Martin Creed is an artist. And a musician. And the two don't really have a distinction, in his mind. His work is serious, his work is whimsical, and, again, there is no distinction. Stand under the slowly rotating "Understanding" sign in Brooklyn Bridge park — his doing — and you slowly become aware: this is ridiculous, I'm standing under Understanding. But then it takes on a new significance, as you stand there Understanding, staring at Lower Manhattan, a place not known for its humane-ness. Creed's music allows for the same dichotomy: "Understanding" is also a pop song, with a jangly, shaggy lope and a simple -- serious -- message. Creed's having a major New York moment: his work is on display at the Park Avenue Armory from June 8 to August 7. His art is not bound by genre or medium – he uses paint, sculpture, film, dance, and music. We get at least some of the music part during our live set with him; scroll down to see some of the art on display, and click the player above to hear the performance and conversation.

Creed and his band are also performing at National Sawdust on June 14.