Maps, 'You Will Find A Way'

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What separates us from machines? Is it our capacity for love? Our seemingly bottomless well of cruelty? A new video for the Maps song "You Will Find A Way" poses these questions as a cardboard robot, built by a lonely girl, comes to life and goes out in search of companionship.

"Man, it sure seems strange / to see the faces I don't recognize no more," Maps frontman James Chapman sings, as the cardboard robot approaches a playground and stares into the eyes of a toddler.

The short film, conceived and directed by Yossi Levi, is a poignant, affecting look at the best and worst of humanity as the robot is repeatedly rejected, rebuffed and even assaulted, before finding he might not be as alone as he thought.

"You Will Find A Way" is from Maps' most recent album, Vicissitude.

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