Music as Paint Colors: Making 'Swiss Army Man' Sing

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Paul Dano (L) and Daniel Radcliffe in 'Swiss Army Man.'

The Manchester Orchestra is neither an orchestra nor from Manchester. They're an indie rock outfit from Atlanta, with a decade of composing and performing as a unit under their belt. But now, singer Andy Hull and guitarist Robert McDowell have done something quite different: the soundtrack to the film "Swiss Army Man," which stars Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe. The film is odd enough: equal parts fable, existential comedy, and buddy flick -- in which one of the buddies is dead. The score is equally unexpected, both the music itself, and the ways in which it's incorporated into the film. Hull and McDowell visit the studio to tell host John Schaefer how the soundtrack came together -- sans instruments -- and how they got inside the head of an island survivor.