Man Hired to Defend Racial Slur Resigns After Racist Tweets

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Two weeks ago, The Washington Redskins hired liberal blogger Ben Tribbett to help defend their name, which Native American groups have been petitioning them to change. 

Late last night on Twitter, Tribbett resigned from the job.

Tribbet's resignation came after these tweets of his from 2010 resurfaced.

Tribbett's resignation was sufficiently vaguely worded that it's possible he's not resigning solely because of these tweets. Last week, for instance, Buzzfeed's Evan McMorris-Santoro pointed out that Tribbett, in a previous life, had convinced America that Republican politician George Allen's use of the word 'macaca' represented an instance of career-ending racism. Stories about Tribbett's selective understanding of what constitutes racism could also be part of the 'distraction' his resignation refers to. 

However, assuming Tribbett has left his job because of the 2010 tweets, it's hard not to marvel at the irony of it. He got hired to defend a football team's racially offensive name. He's resigned after using racially offensive language. It feels like the same logic that caused him to lose his job should have stopped his job from existing. 


(Tribbett did not immediately respond to a request for comment, will update if we hear back from him.)