Making Those New Year's Resolutions Stick

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The Moore Family of Jacksonville, FL. Every year the Moores compete to see who can fulfill their New Year's resolutions best.
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If you’re like 40 percent of Americans, you made a New Year’s resolution yesterday. But unless you’re one of the elite eight percent, you probably won’t be achieving your resolution this year.

But who are these eight percenters? Have you ever met them? Maybe—if you know a family by the last name of Moore.

This is a family that is so serious about New Year’s resolutions, the Moores of Jacksonville, Florida have even forced their dog to participate in their annual resolution contest, which has been taking place for over a decade and involves a point system.

As wacky as this family might sound, there is a lot we can learn from them—about what works and about what doesn’t work when it comes to New Year’s resolutions.

Samantha Henig has been interviewing the Moores about their annual ritual. She is the digital editor for The New York Times Magazine.

Robin Marantz Henig, a freelance science writer for our partner The New York Times, has been looking into the science of New Year’s resolutions with the NYU Motivation Lab.