Make Your Own Latin Music Scene

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Deborah Blues, shown here on the cover of <em>Para Que Sepas</em>, is part of the Puerto Rican collective Lv Ciudvd.

What do you do when established record companies won't even listen to your work? For starters, you have to seek and establish alternative ways to reach listeners.

That's the subject of this week's episode of Alt.Latino. Our friend Isabelia Herrera, music editor at Remezcla, has collected some of her favorite Latin American musicians and grabbed some of their music to share with us. Herrera, as always, is a well-informed guide who understands the fast-changing music-business landscape.

As usual, we're providing as much information as possible about the music we play on this week's show. We're convinced that our story is told in the music, and this week we share that joy.

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