Macedo's Twin Chemistry Unfurls A Raw Kiss-Off Anthem

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Some singers' talents and style compliment each other so perfectly they create something better together than apart. And while that’s certainly true of Macedo, the duo has an even deeper, more instinctual connection: Macedo is the musical moniker and surname of twin sister songwriters Michelle and Melissa Macedo. And as one might expect, there’s a natural chemistry between these Pasadena, Calif.-born, L.A.-based musicians, giving their music a unique quality influenced by their shared childhood and biracial Portuguese and Indian backgrounds.

Following its well-praised 2011 debut, Flags And Boxes, the duo is set to release a follow-up EP, Paper Doll, on Feb. 4. And to get a feel for what Macedo is up to, they’ve shared a new track, “Your Skin Brims,” an energetic blend of piano pop and soulful rock that showcases both singer's talents.


If you’ve ever known a set of twins, you’ve likely seen them closely interact as if finishing each other’s sentences. Melissa and Michelle practically do the same thing in the chorus of “Your Skin Brims.” They share a raw but intimate vocal interplay as they imitate and mirror the other and weave in and out of harmony, while allowing for each to individually shine with soaring embellishments as they sing of the wounded heartache and seething anger of a crumbling romance.

And with whipsmart lines like "I handed you a sentence you would never forget" and later, "I'm about to kiss my worst critic," "Your Skin Brims" proves to be an equally catchy and emotional break-up kiss-off anthem.

Macedo's EP, Paper Doll, is out Feb. 4, 2014.