#3621: Lutes Around the World

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Afghan-American rubab artist Quraishi

Listen to music from members of the lute family on this New Sounds show. These instruments can be found in most of the world’s tradition from the Central Asian tanbur, to the Greek bouzouki, to the Russian balalaika, and the Chinese pipa. But, in true New Sounds fashion, there will be some mixing up of these traditions of the lutes around the world.  Hear music from the Afghan-American rubab master Quraishi, whose family lineage is deep with musicians and instrument makers. Listen to his original work, “Wardagi” – in which he blends three traditional folk songs that his father often sang while playing the rubab, songs which are unique to the style of playing that originates from his father’s home province of Wardak.  Quraishi performs live at 1PM on Sunday August 3, as part of Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors.  FREE.

Then, listen to music by the Finnish trio Tunto, which contains the Turkish baglama, the Russian balalaika and the charango of the Andes (traditionally made from an armadillo shell) on their tune called, “Chicken Music.” (This band has music for all occasions; “Sandcastle Music,” “King Kong Music,” there’s even “Lice-Picking Music.”)  Then, hear music from the Penguin Café (the one founded by Arthur Jeffes, son of original composer and Penguin Cafe Orchestra founder, the late Simon Jeffes) which uses the Venezuelan lute, the cuatro in the piece called “1420.” Also, listen to Greek bouzouki in music from the 1990’s band 3Mustaphas 3 along with Arab oud music from the German-based Lebanese oud player Rabih Abou Khalil. That, and much more.

PROGRAM #3621 A World of Lutes (First aired on 7/22/2014)  





Carlos Paredes

Guitarra Portuguesa

Romance #1, excerpt [2:00]

Drag City 492



Chicken Music [5:07]

aani.fi or www.cdbaby.com

Penguin Café

The Red Book

1420 [5:55]


3 Mustaphas 3

Friends, Fiends & Fronds

Kopanitsa [2:33]

Omnium OMM 2003
Available as an import at Amazon.com or as a download

Rabih Abou Khalil


Lost Centuries [7:10]

Enja #7083


Mountain Melodies Rubab Music of Afghanistan

Wardagi [8:49]

Evergreen 8024

Bahar Movahed & Ali Akbar Moradi

Goblet of Eternal Light

Beloved [5:48]

Traditional Crossroads #4345

Sanubar & Hesenjan Tursun & Wu Man


Kurt Naxshisi (Song of the Kurds) [5:33]

Smithsonian Folkways SFW40529


The Music of Vietnam 1.2

Pham Van Ty - Hat Chau Van, excerpt [2:00]

Celestial Harmonies - #13083-2