Los Lonely Boys: The Tex Mex Rockers Return

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Los Lonely Boys' new album Revelation is out now.

Throughout its career, Los Lonely Boys has won over a whole community of fans and a Grammy Award in 2005 (for its single "Heaven") with its unique Tex Mex rock 'n' roll and radio-friendly pop hooks. But last year, the band's status was up in the air, after guitarist Henry Garza suffered a scary spinal injury when he fell off-stage during a concert, and the power trio -- brothers Henry Jojo, and Ringo Garza -- spent a good chunk of 2013 on hiatus. 

Luckily, Henry Garza has recovered, the band has regrouped, and sounds revitalized on its latest album, Revelation, released back in January. While the hard-touring band has always played in a variety of genres and styles (often in the same song), this new collection finds Los Lonely Boys playing with Santana-esque Latin blues jams, traditional conjunto, '70s soul and even, yes, soft 80's-styled yacht rock. Ten years after its 2004 breakout, Revelation, feels like another very fine entry in the "Texican"'s discography.


Set List:

  • "So Sensual"
  • "Give A Little More"
  • "Don't Walk Away"