Loamlands On World Cafe

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Loamlands makes its <em>World Cafe</em> debut in this session.

With this session, the band Loamlands — which hails from North Carolina and has singer and songwriter Kym Register at its center — makes its World Cafe debut. The band's debut album, Sweet High Rise, represents two very important changes for Register's songwriting. First, Loamlands' music has evolved from its folk-punk beginnings toward a classic-rock sound as Register realized they actually loved the kinds of music that most punks might scorn.

The other change is that Register has started writing less introspectively and more about what was going on in the feminist, LGBTQ community they were at the heart of. That led to the powerful song "Little River," which is about a hate crime that occurred in their home state. Hear that song performed live in our studio in the player above and watch the performance video below.

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