Live-Action 'Beauty And The Beast ' Revisits A Tale As Old As Time

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Bob Mondello says:

"In describing how the first song in the new Beauty and the Beast differs from the animated version, I made a factual error.

"I played a brief bit of dialogue in which Belle encounters a man on the street — Monsieur Jean — who thinks he has lost something, but can't remember what. And then I said, 'That bit's new, and while it's not important [because] this forgetful guy never reappears, it is helpful[.]'

"That's just wrong. Turns out, I'm the forgetful one. Not only does Monsieur Jean reappear, but his being forgetful in this new bit of dialogue is actually setting up a plot thread that is important. It's part of the 'lots of back story' that I later praise the filmmakers for having concocted.

"It's hard to say more without spoilers, and reviewers aren't supposed to say spoilers. We're also not supposed to say things that would cause millions of 6-year-olds to shout at their radios, 'Nooooo, Silly! That's _________.'

"See? No spoilers. At least I got that part right."